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Literary Qualifications

2006 Completion of the Curso Monográfico with the theme “General History of Tiles” by Instituto de História de Arte da FCSH da UNL, in Lisbon

2003 Awarded Tutor status by the Conselho Científico - Pedagógico da Formação Continua, in Portugal.

1990 Completion of the 3rd year of the Drawing Course in the Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes, by Professor Quitino Sebastião, in Lisbon

1987 Completion of 1st year of the Ceramics Course in the ArCo School, Lisbon

1986 Completion of one year in the Drawing Course at ArCo School, by Teacher Ana Leonor, in Lisbon

1981 Graduated in Education through Art at the Curso Superior de Formação de Professores de Educação pela Arte, in Lisbon

1977/78 Completion of one year of painting and drawing at the studio of Farrey, in Paris

1976/77 Completion of the 1st year in the Art History course, at the Ecolle du Louvre, in Paris.

Professional Qualifications

2006/2007 Invited as Teacher to perform a Workshop for a degree in Visual Arts at the Universidade de Évora.

2003/2004 Head artist at Cursos de Azulejaria, Património e Educação, for teachers, organized by Centro de Formação Mª Borges Medeiros, in Lisbon

2001/2002 Colaboration in the restoration of tiles at the Palácio Teles Meneses, in Lisbon

1994 Began work in her own studio

1992 Accomplishment of works for the IMC, on IGESPAR, and quality selling points for tourism

1986 Beginning of independent work of manual tile painting with Isabel Peres Gomes and Ana Ferreira, in the workshop “Tiles BairroAlto” in Lisbon.


2008/09 Solo exhibition at the Museu Nacional do Azulejo as part of Sala LER+ project, in Lisbon

2005 Collective exhibition at the Town Hal Santa Isabel, in Lisbon

2001 Solo exhibition at the Town Hall Santa Isabel, in Lisbon

2000 Solo exhibition at the gallery "Quatro Montras", in Lisbon.

1998 Invited Artist to display in the headquarters of “United Nations” in New York

1997/98 Invited Artist for the IEFP for two exhibitions in FIL